nothing new to say.. but i will juz blog anyway for my loyal listeners.. *winkZ* anyway waitin for my hair to dry.... lamenting how bad life is.. how ironic it is... oh well.. obviousssss signss of PMS.. plus the fact that tL hardly have time for me.. cept the 1 -2 mins to "hi,... bye, i need to sleep now" dialogs.... make me feel so sad!! u know wot.. i need a JOB!! juz for your information.. I HAVE BEEN LOOKIN FOR ONE!! but in vain... one interviewee asked me, " you studied marketing, why are u applyin for a desk-bounded admin asst job?" at the back of my head... it was.. " cos no FREAKIN employer wants a INEXPERIENCE FRESH grad.. and who's gonna give me a headstart for that experience? how abt no one... " dumb huh? tot so too... now now.. this blog is makin me have conversations with myself.... cos im juz mumbling.. oh well.. time to sleep le... u guys out there... stay tuned for more whinings..

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