As the yr is nearing to the end.. lotsa tots come along too.. ware new yr resolutions and thinkin abt the yr arises.. same goes for me.. 2003 been a very special yr... fast one too.. numerous big events and changes in life happen here... my drivin license, my love in life, graduating, pre-view to the workin world (bmc proj), best friend leavin sg, step into the workin world, meetin new pple.. crossroad in life, decidin ware to go and wot to do after graduation.. lots n lots more had made an impact in me.. however i know these are all minors and theres more to go as im still in search of my life and path that i wanna take on.. still in the midst of findin the lost me.. no more guidance n spoon-feedin in the years to come.. yet im excited to embark on my new journey in life if i get to go queensland to further my studies.. in the meantime.. i need a job!! oh well.. nuff said.. talk is cheap.. action is necessary.. thou shall go get things done now.. cya next yr! hAppY nEw yEaR fRienDS!!!!!!

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