juz did a whole new outlook for this blog.. hope ya li doesnt mind.. spent the night doin it... comments anyone?? seems like a remote blog cos no one's at the tag board.. oh well.. promised graz that i'll delicate this post to her..
here goes>> firstly she's the gf of my 3 yr classmate in NP.. mr nai.. and they juz celebrated their 2nd yr!! wooohoo!! hehz.. then she's my part time gf now.. hahahaha.. since both our bf are in camp.. same one since bmt... we practically meet every single day cept days when our boys are 'let out' ... haa! character-wise.. i would say she's a confident gurl... knows her aim in life and works hard for it..unlike me.. aye.... but still we're twinnie! she claims that in e testimonial she wrote for me.. haha.. cos we have the same (excellent) taste in clothes and of cos, excellent eyes for gd bf. (this's gettin a lil' bimbotic.. bf.. clothes.. hmmm.. ) erm.. lemme side track a bit.. i wish i can write at some fashion mag co. like my bro.. since i (think) i dress well and get cheap deals always... haha! oh shameless shameless... ANYwayyy...... this's my testimonial for her (on friendster)...
"b4 she kills me on our next meet up.. i better write this testimonial.. *ahem* nv got to really know her (which i really regret) durin the poly years but only after.. anyway she is always lookin in style throughout the 3 yrs esp. after each sem break.. comin back with a new style which keeps guys comin for this babe.. like she said, im her twinnie! however was pissed initially yet came to terms with it when she saw the goodness in me!! to me, grace is a very blessed girl (in regards to her being chauffeured like most of the time *hee* ), confident (knows wot she wants and wanna be and goin for it) and super crazy gurl! boy, i guess besides nai and me, no one will know how crazy she can get! but she's one babelicious gurl who cheers u up with her craziness...! hmm .. although i only really got to know her recently, im very glad i actually did!"
[error: picture taken off] its heRR!!!!

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