been a pretty normal wkend so far... cept for the party i went to las nite at Yutaki's place.. his 21st birthday!! he invited almost the entire sch or many pple, yet his mum stil say he stil have lots that he din invite.. haha! (probably those from light years.. =P) yes yes.. he's the 'Shingo' on the show.. and no no.. dun try to get to know him from me... cos he's disastrous!! hahahha! kiddin! anyway there i saw many i knew.. both like and hate.. shant say the latter... but the like!! wooooo... the acs kids!!!!!! both neil and ryan were there!! hehe!! so cute i tell u!! neil is a mix of german n chinese.. so he's damn handsome and ryan is so small and likable! oh man! *drools* hehz... but boys will be boys.. all of them combine forces and the whole house will be destroyed by them.. imagine all the acs kids runnin around, throwin stuff ard.. chaotic!! hahah.. yet they're stil adorable in my eyes.. *wink*.. oh well shant go on on them.. or i'll create a pool here.
Take a peep..

mr handsome

small & mighty ryan..

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