its all abt compromising..... rite? dun u think so.. *sigh* sometimes i wish he would spend some time readin my blog.... i think he's not sensitive to me, yet i think i'm not to him too. life's such a contradiction, and i hate it! well, if he were to speak up, we would probably have the chance to work something out.. but he keeps giving me the 'anything', 'up to u', 'duno' answer.. how? u tell me... well hope things get better.. yes must talk but tough leh.. ah! im fine.. he says he will speak up more the next time.. so juz pray it doesnt happen again..... tots of the day: never quarrel when ya goin thru pms! haa! oh oh.. juz tot of a rubbish thing..... CORnY! since when corn have 'knees'! hehz.. lame huh.. but it tickled me when i saw it..... hahah! funny? think abt it!

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