guess im never a regular for this.. haha.. anyway had a super long & enjoyable break with my dearie.. cos he juz completed his bmt and now in sispec.. anyway i made (full) use of my free trip to bintan during his block leave and we had helluva good time there!!! imagine body surfing in the sea with huge waves coming from behind and you jus get bring up by the waves or get swallow by it when u lose your balance... its juz beyond description!! gosh.. not fogettin the serene environment in bintan with the sound of the sea waves inside a private room having someone at your service serving you with tea couple up with a full body massage or a body masque at their spa.. juz terrific! man.. thank goodness for STA Travel and the weather that 3 days!! haha! oh well, to sum up.. i think tL & me have moved up to another level in our relationship.... in terms of understanding of course! and enjoyin every moment together... (dun think otherwise people!) which im glad of... *sm:)e*

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