oh man.. it has been ..wot? 2 wks since i las updated..man.... been waking at 5 every morning to reach work(@ airport) by 7am !! was posted here las wk.. so my wking hrs now is mon-thurs 7am - 3pm till 5 october.. sian man.. super tiring.. *lifeless* oh well, yali if u happen to read this... all the best for your upcoming exams!! cant wait for you to be back in oct!!! miss you lots gurl.. =P oh must be wondering y i can blog at this time while working? cos its a IT fair in here.. so got internet access and laptops everywhere.. plus the 'emptiness' here.. can SUPER SLACK.... and juz found out a webbie which a final yr student in NP set up... www.giftilious.com .. pretty cool... check it out and give her some support. =) and ya.. uploaded new pictures too, go take a look!!! one more news... Prague trip might be called off... (sobs) .. dun ask y... LOooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnG story..............~ gtg, but stay tuned.

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