been a long time since i las blog. week's been busier every week, this week will be worse cause i will be working from tues to next wed straight.. without any day off..... but for the sake of the money, i have to. the xelibri booth in hmv has been taken off and my new tentative place is mustafa ctr, hope i'll be fine there and that my new posting will come soon. the amount i will earn is also much much lesser which upsets me a lot. a few days again, someone approached me and asked if i will be interested in acting in a true live story show on channel 5.. *haha* i probably try cos i need to earn more!!! dun wanna put too much burden on my parents... esp. my trip to prague. the thing is, i cant look for a 9-5pm job as i cant commit due to my schedule for dance training... so my income cant be regular.. so irritating.. *sigh*

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