realised i like to blog in the noon.. ;P anyway i received a phonecall this morning rgding the invitation for graduation dinner on the 30th. the one i pondered abt, cos my friends dun seem to receive it. then my teacher told me, its for students who received some special awards b4.. so i guess its the national merit and full colours award i got from sch... hehz... oh, juz gonna find someone to accompany me there! =) oh yea, did i mention? i saw UTT on wed while workin at HMV! he's SOOOOOooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!! gosh..too bad had no chance to take photo or something.. and i oso saw timothy goh, news reader of CNA.. cool eh? lots of stars to see.. oh well well.. i'm kinda enjoyin my job more.. which i'm glad abt............ *gRinZzz*

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