juz had a product training this morning... dumb rite? to go for training after you've already started work.. anyway now waiting to go for my ballet class, so tot i would juz blog a little. firstly, yesterday i went to tL's place again. supposed to watch bad boys 2 cos its rated R(A) here!!!!!!! you noe how upsetting is that? shud have gone to catch e sneak as it was NC-16 at first. was changed due to some religious thingie. oh well, then when we started watchin, we realised he downloaded the wrong one. *sigh* (oh its rainin now, after so long) so we practically did nuttin and juz bum ard till 7 to watch holland V =) apparently my bro got a job as an intern for men's health... cool eh? but the sales of men's health will sure to drop!! ha ha ha! i'm mean.... hehz.... alrite for the second thing, yea sis, the Prague thing is like the competition i did in France, actually its the same. so no need much explaination yea? the only thingis i've to tone up my body in preparation for this competition so that i'll look healthier and less un-fit compared to the other competitors.... ;P alright, enough rubbish... time to go for ballet!

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