Shida Night Market vs. Shihlin Night Market

Those who have been to Taipei would come back and rave about Shihlin night market. How come no one told me about Shida?

If you ask me, I highly recommend Shida over Shihlin. Here's why:

 {Shida Night Market Photo source: Flickr}
  • Better tasting food but lesser variety
  • No/not many illegal hawkers
  • Trendier choice of fashion apparels
  • Good quality of goods (mostly from Korea/Japan)
  • Prettier & younger sales assistants!! As they usually students from the University nearby
  • My loot: Calf leather work bag from Korea that I use for work now as it fits all my cables, wallet, cardholder, sunglasses & netbook all-in-one - NT3980 (~S$180), Nude work jacket with lace trimmings from Korea - gift from Aunt (think was about S$80), thermal stockings - NT90 (~S$8), Paul Smith (authentic) shirt for bro - NT410 (~S$19) and my mom & aunt also bought a whole lot of other stuff

  {Shihlin Night Market Photo source: Flickr}

  • Huge variety of sweet fruits, nicely chopped up too ;)
  • Wide range of local food like Stinky tofu, beef steak, bubble tea, oyster vermicelli, oyster omelet, etc
  • Too many illegal hawkers running at the sight of the policemen (block my shopping flow)
  • Not too fantastic range of fashion wear to choose from
  • Too damn crowded especially on SATs!
  • My loot: Red stockings - NT180 (~S$8), Nude with pink sole heels - NT600 (~S$27), nude ballet flats - NT200 (~S$9) and thats all!

As you can tell, I am into nude apparels nowadays, just pray I don't head out nude one day. Haha. Btw, those ballet flats are the best buy from the whole trip. It also took me around the 7 days without any discomfort! Its so amazing, I believe it is the rubbery soles that keep it so light and comfortable. I ended up buying 2 more pairs of them. :D

Shida Night Market
Address: Longquan Road, Da-an district
How to get there: Cab or stop at Guting MRT station and take a long 15mins walk
Operating Hours: 6pm (I believe) till 12 midnight

Shihlin Night Market
Address: Shihlin district
How to get there: Stop at Jian Tan MRT station and its just across the street
Operating Hours: 4pm till 1am


  1. Yi Lin16:33

    Hi Eunice!

    Have been taking notes from your travelogue to TW as I'll be gg there during my upcoming hols!

    Thus, thks for your info! :)

    Btw, the stuffs u have been selling looks really great! May your business prosper and take u to greater heights in life!

    Take care... :)

  2. Hey Yi Lin!

    How are you and baby Javier?? :)

    I am surprised by your comment, cos I never knew anyone reads this blog.. hahaah..

    I am so happy that it is now officially useful :P I will continue to blog abt TW along the weeks, so hopefully the info will come in handy still.

    Share your trip with me after yea?

    And THANK YOU for your encouragement!! :D


  3. how long were you in taiwan for? i wanna check out shida!

  4. Hello Kitty! (hehehe)

    I was there for about a week! Spent 5 nights in Taipei & 2 nights in Taichung.

    Shida rocks! Tho smaller than Shihlin.

    Btw, Yi Lin & Kitty, if you want, I can forward my itinerary to you. Just lemme know :)


  5. Sounds like you flew back with amazing loot! xx

  6. I sure did, but never enough! :P

  7. Yi Lin16:29

    Yeah can email me your itinerary at Thks alot!!!

    Btw, baby Javier is growing up fast and very well as seen from my fb pics. He's kinda big sized for his age too. Like John I guess? Haha... Anyway, if u ever feel bored or keen for some babysitting experience, I will gladly loan Javier to you. FOC somemore!!! Hee... ;)

  8. Anonymous20:30

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