Dedication to Jack & Jasmine

As most of you must have known, the past weeks have been hectic with all the preparations and plannings for this lovely couple who got tied the knot after 8 great years of courtship - Jack & Jasmine. 

Fate does come around in the strangest way. How I knew Jasmine (or more affectionately called as Ling) is through work. You may not know my days before LSC, or even Toshiba, I was selling mobile phones for Siemens. I doubt this brand of phones still exist! The rarer thing is the range of phones that I sold was Xelibri - Haha, I see all the question marks floating around. Lemme jot your memory.

According to my good friend, Mr Wiki, Xelibri was a fashion-oriented range of mobile phones created by Siemens mobile in early 2003. Two collections each consisting of 4 bizarrely designed phones were released before the Xelibri project was dropped due to poor sales in April 2004. 

Lol, they shouldn't even start it, its was such a floop! But I earned quite good allowance from it. Haha.

So anyway, I was selling these mobiles at C.K Tangs and often envy the girl sitting opposite me while I stood on my 2 feet for 8 hours. That girl was Ling! Somehow or rather, we made friends and went for lunches together.

Hey guys, remember Friendster? This testimonial probably sums up our affinity as friends :D

come to think of it, i've actually only known you for like a month? well, its been great going for lunch and dinner breaks with you!
together during our pathetic breaks was really fun too! found out that
this girl has a lot of similarities with me. does purple and butterflies ring a bell to you? haha. i'll miss having breaks with you! hope to hang out again soon k? keep in touch yah. =) yay! 2 more working days to go!
- dated 28.Dec.2003

I also recall that Jack just scored his driving license then as well. That was my first encounter with Jack. Altho Ling and I were both in the same polytechnic, I have never seen her around before and I am glad our paths crossed eventually. Thinking back were the days when Ling was working at Liquid Kitchen, we chilled Villa Bali, hang out at Jack's, or partying at Zouk or (the 'then') MOS...

Ling is such a great and patient lady and Jack is so so lucky to have found her! There can be no boring moments with Jack & Ling around and here's why:

As I missed the chance to write in your guest book, I hereby wish my dearest Jack & Ling a blissful marriage and may the future years to more fulfilling and greater together as a couple!

p/s: Wow, whilst finding the testi I glanced through a lot of other messages I had in the past, ware did all these friends go? Haha.


  1. adiamondwasteland11:38

    haha yes! i remember Xelibri.. lol indeed what a flop! i had 2 of those phones free from some contest. LOL

  2. Hahahah, you have? I wonder if the museum would want it.. lol