After being on blogspot for 6 years, I finally swapped to the xml version instead of the classic. I guess technology improvements are always for the better.

I think this lovely template suits me pretty well since I love putting scraps together and renovate into something.

There is something that I have been wanting to blog about but never did so.

Time flies, I left The Lasik Surgery Clinic (LSC) for about a year now. Every now and then, they would still call/email me to reconsider my decision. As flattered as I am, I am guessing I've moved on.

Honestly, I left without any plans. Yes, this is almost impossible for anyone to fathom. But I really needed it because my mental state was not very sound, my health was affected (admitted to A&E once!), my love, family & friendship (i.e. Ya Li) weren't at the best.

For those we are constantly regretting that choice of job that you are having now, its okay to leave for something you think you would like better, or even without a plan. It is the same like you never know how tomorrow will turn out to be right?

I'd like to rant about it but the past has passed, only God knows how much I have tolerated and have gone through. Well, thank goodness for savings else I wont be able to go to Vietnam, Phuket & Malaysia to explore and also to fulfill my long time dream of starting up my baby - EuniqYou

2009 was an eventful year, and for the better as well. It closed with a high note with my items retailing at 3 different stores, a new job offer at One9ninety & breaking even for EuniqYou.

2010 will only be better, or so I believe. Let's all soar together and also all the best to my other baby, A, for he is leaving for Melbourne in a month's time. Remember - less more, think more, ask less!

{weheartit} - yes, I still believe in it


  1. That sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Yay, thanks babe! All the best to you too! A lot of new plans I spy?