Curly Bob

Gosh, why did my hairdresser only suggest I do perm after he cuts my hair?!?!

They are so cute, I want my hair permed now!! Not sure how much it will set me back tho.

I am now waiting for my iMac to arrive! I cant wait! My new room layout is so so awesome too. Thanks to my lovely A for putting more holes into my walls! I slept with 8 holes on my walls last night, and I have a phobia of creatures creeping outta them. Haha.

Anyhow, more wavy bobs... Ling! I want to perm my hair for your wedding!! Hehe



  1. Then perm!!!! =) but make sure its not the big and tight ones!

  2. Wahahhahahah like poodle! But Keith said my hair is very fine, so need to do dig perm which will cost me $200 bucks! Maybe I will do a temp one for your wedding, $45 for 1 day. Hahaha.