And The List Goes On...

  1. Apple earphones with mic + remote (so that I can chat with A)
  2. iMac keyboard protector (like this)
  3. Find the perfect solution to display my fascinators at shops & fairs
  4. Consign EuniqYou to 5 more shops
  5. Complete a half/marathon
  6. Learn to cycle properly
  7. Swim 10 laps in freestyle
  8. Trap Water for 5 mins (at least)
  9. Get a helper for EuniqYou
  10. Gain weight muscles (doc said I'm grossly underweight)
  11. Netbook to carry around for presentations & sale pitches for One9ninety
  12. Clinch another 5 brands for One9ninety
  13. Be a good & loving friend, gf, daughter, sister, designer, worker, blogger... 
  14. Carry a recycled bag every time I head out
  15. Bring EuniqYou to Melbourne
- updated 24 Jan 10

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