RCIA Retreat 2009

Last weekend, I had a date with God at St Francis Xavier in faraway Punggol Seventeenth Ave. Despite the past years of traveling there to wake board, I was never aware of its existence.

After lunch yesterday, someone asked if I were to share my experience later during the session. I gave a straight up "No". And I didn't although I did contemplate on doing so. Well, I am thankful for this time spent at this retreat especially to the organisers and Sis Elizabeth who btw is not all that old and boring like everyone else would expect. She can even crack jokes that you wonder if that actually came out from her (tag: Ya Li).

So, the microphone went around everyone of the 60pax present that afternoon and all were raving about the amazing and wonderful time they had these 2 days. I sat there, in silence, thinking if I was in the same retreat as they were! Ware did my time go? Why haven I feel all enlightened and more than ready to take this religion on with a high note?! Honestly, I was vexed but I wondered if anyone heard this in my silence. Sister said that in silence... you will find answers....


No doubt, I have learned a lot. But is it strange that I am more enlightened about life more than I am with him? Everything is there for a reason, but I still dont understand the 101 rituals, masses, and routines they practise - why so many frills?

Or is the new generation too used to the 'no frills' structure? Snail mail turned email, cord phone/pager revolved to mobile, SMS made better with BBM/Ping!/Whatsapp, thick heavy bible downsized to Holy Bible app, etc. Maybe the Apple "religion" is more adaptable for me :)


One of the (aggressive) catechumen questioned if the presence of a priest is because it is easier to love someone who is tangible rather than one who is not? Well, he may be right. As much they say that having a religion is like falling in love - you have no answers or reasons to why you love him/her. How can I love someone who I have never seen before and someone who I question of his existence?

I guess before I can willingly perform the 'frills' of the Catholic faith, I have to solve my first and very only question. Till then, I hatta be more child-like(not childish), harden not your heart and W-A-I-T till my ripples in my pool of water fades away.


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