Adnice's Love Story! Part II

Now that I've hooked everyone's appetite, this is wot I've recalled from the entry:

A & I were introduced back in our uni days in 2006. With less than 5 "Hi & Bye" moments, we both returned to Singapore in separate periods.

Suddenly, I received an email from him after bumping into him at Zouk in 2007. I did not even know why I passed him my name card then. Still, it was very much the "Hi, how are you" conversations, till...

A sms came from him early 2008 asking if I wanted to have dinner and catch-up. At the back of my head I was thinking what is there to catch-up when we were hardly friends in uni?! Yet, I agreed to meet despite me coughing and sniffling like crazy.

After this dinner "date", things started rolling and we have been together for 1.5 years now. And when I first saw him, I thought that he is the kind of guy whom I will never get ;)

Did not include too much details, but this is the whole picture. Hope you enjoyed our 'lil love story'!

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