Hello World

Almost forgot the existence of this blog because I have been so busy with my "mushrooms"! Logos, namecards, corp profile, twitter, FB, flash, shopping cart, inventory, PS-ing, AI-ing, and reading up.. So much things to prepare!! I have till end of May.

Meanwhile, thank you babes for your well wishes for A. He is getting better but still kinda weak.

Last week was our special week (before he fell ill) and for the many years more, I would be working on other aspects such as family, consideration, health, finance to make this bond we have even stronger :)

^First pic we ever took tog (but separately) - Halloween '07

^Second pic we took @ the same venue but now inside & tog (tog) - Zouk '08

^The vacation that marked our commitment - Philippines '08

^ And 1 year on... :) - M Hotel '09

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