Ways to wear a scarf

Often or not, I envy the ladies who can wear a scarf in many ways. In my cupboard sits a scarf from Asos and it has been 6 months. I am going to venture into the scarfy fashion now. Take a peep.

1. Fold the square scarf into a rectangle. Then, fold it again to get a sash. Wrap it over your torso and tie a big bow in front. Viola! An instant bikini.

2. Lay a square scarf flat and fold it into a big triangle. Secure a knot in the middle with leaving 2 long loose ends to tie around your neck. To finish, wrap the triangle base around your waist or knot it in the middle of your back. Match it with a black skinnies and you will be smokin'.

3. Toga is back in trend again. To carry off this style, a very big square scarf is preferred. Fold the scarf into a triangle but leave about 2-3 inches gap around. Drape it around your torso and knot the loose ends over your left (or right) shoulder. Final step is to bring the remaining two ends and secure it at the side of your waist. Challenging!

4. Bag to differ rocks! Gather all your essentials in the middle of the nicely laid square scarf. Take ends of the opposite diagonal sides and secure your stuff with a knot. Again, take the opposite ends and tie another knot above the previous to form a loop for your shoulders. Now, you can carry your stuff with your scarf :P

5. Around Neck

6. Head Scarf

7. Belt/Sash

Aint exciting?? Some styles are really easy to manage and very light to travel with especially in summer climate or for the beach. Spot a scarf and see wot magic you can whip up today! If you have more ways to drape a scarf, lemme me know. Have fun!

Source: http://justwoman.asiaone.com/print/Just%2BWoman/Style%2BGuide/Fashion%2BTrends/Story/A1Story20071005-28611.html; http://www.bagsnob.com/2008/04/the_hermes_scarf.html


  1. Accessorize on your bag!
    Use it to tie your hair!
    Use it to loop through braids in your hair!

  2. true... but i got no hair to tie!! hahaha..