Bundle of Joy - Flowering Tea

It is a small bundle of tea leaves bound together with cotton thread and then into a ball. I got a few of them in Sai Gon for $8 for 100g. I named them bundles of joy. As the name suggests, it unfurls and emulates into a flower after being steepen. The taste is not overwhelming nor bland, it is fragrant, sweet and aromatic. The taste doesnt get stronger with extended steeping too. Perfect.


The Jasmine Phoenix Dragonflower contains a sunny orange Lily blossom with a cluster of real white Jasmine flowers extending upwards. The Silver Needle tea is delicate with a full flavor but no bitterness, and a gentle Jasmine scent from the flower. Each Jasmine Phoenix Dragonflower can brew 3 pots of tea, or about 16-20 cups of tea.

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