Adnice went to Vietnam


Good morning Vietnam!

Hoi An: 05 - 07.04.09

Route: Flight from Singapore>Sai Gon> Da Nang (Hoi An)

My day started at 9am having my parents saying goodbye and hello to my 2 weeks long coveted trip!! A backpack and a ticket, off we went! We flew straight to Da Nang with a transit at Sai Gon as 2 weeks were insufficient to cover the whole of Vietnam! The traveling time alone took 30 hours (yes, I calculated) for this Southern Vietnam trip we planned.

Arriving at 5pm that Sunday evening, the bus service was not available to send us to Hoi An, therefore we struggled and hassled with the taxi driver who doesn’t understand English before we reached our hotel. It seems like we were playing Charade in the vehicle, actually we were doing that throughout the trip. This was the first time I experienced the typical driving style in Vietnam. TERROR!

With the influence of the French Colony, it is a left-hand drive country; therefore they overtake on the left. Either Vietnamese are highly efficient or highly impatience, they horn at the sight of any xe (motorbikes) who hinders their high traveling speed. If the xe refuses to budge, they will press their horn continuously till they ‘siam’ aside. The icing is they speed past the front vehicle on the left with HEAD ON ONCOMING TRAFFIC on the other to overtake too!! *cold sweat.

Hoi An is an old, small but beautiful town with an ancient touch to it. It is home to about 88,000 inhabitants. It does reminds me of Melaka, Malaysia whilst I was there. The streets laid hundreds of skilful tailors and fronts of delicious Hoi An specialties such as White Rose (dumplings), Cao Lao (Noodles with pork), Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf (the sauce was fabulous), Baguette stuffed with Chicken & Cheese (my daily brekie), etc. I dare say Hoi An has the nicest and widest variety for food throughout Vietnam.

Besides food and tailors, the weather was too perfect. We had constant breeze although the sun was shining high up in the sky. We hardly dropped a sweat. This town is suited for a motorbike ride around with lots to see, eat and make. I left with 5 pairs of shoes (1 sandals, 1 heels & 3 flats), and 3 dresses and 1 shirt tailored. A had 3 pairs of suave working shoes customised as well! With just 2 days ahead, we had to open our extra duffle bag to fit these purchases already. Haha.

Next stop: Nha Trang


  1. your pics are cool and i'm hungry reading your blog with all the food you described!!

  2. thanks babe! i really love viet food...