You and T Both

^ This is a dedication to Ya Li & T! Happy 2nd Anniversary ;)

Btw, Jason Mraz was as usual, AWESOME!! However, I still felt closer to him when I was at SingFest. It was probably the heat and the promixity screwed my mind at SingFest. Haha. Anyhoo, I LOVE HIM!! And I wished that Ya Li & Ling were there too...

Btw, anyone knows who is Joy Chua?? She sang 'Lucky' with Mraz!!! And how did she manage to do that? Was there an audition that I didnt know of? Well, not that I can sing, BUT!!! So I swore that I will take up singing lessons so that the next time he comes back, I AM GONNA SING with him! So, back to Joy Chua.. I envied and pitied her all at the same time because....She had a "boner" in her dress. Man, didnt anyone checked her dressing before she went on stage?!?! I think she will be so so so so embarrassed when she sees her pictures. On a sympathy note, she didnt sound bad. Whoops! She's JOI CHUA, pretty cute and a professional singer too!

And she is on my good friend, Wikipedia too. Pardon moi, I dont really know my fellow Chinese singers.



  1. aw... didn't know u blogged it. i got kinda confused with emails, sms and blog post since i started doing everything on my phone.

  2. Hahaa, thats y i decided to change my settings and subscribe u to my blog instead of sendin the post entry straight to the email. Just in case u girls get mixed up.