Collared tops, long slacks (/skorts) and shoes, checked. 8am, checked. Daddy, checked. A, checked. Eun, checked. Ponderosa, we went. 18 holes were such a torture to me especially with the blazing hot at 2pm. Like A said, "Cannot heck it" Haha, served you right for not putting on the sunblock. But a word of praise, my daddy-o is quite a champion.

^ 2 slackers while daddy tees off behind. heh

^A's ball got over the waters! Amazing.

^The irons

Forthcoming, we rolled to the floors of potentially money-generating place called Hall 604 & 605. It was more like potentially disappointed place filled with hopefuls to this saddening city. Oh well. Better off be eating at the halls below. Glorious food! Hey check this out.

^ Generosity gone wrong? Or marketeer to be sacked?

^ Maybe $$ should be spent on editing.. Ouchy! My EYE!!

Brought to you by ...
^Be careful wot services you request!

We did archery too. Kinda cockeyed instead of bulls. FUN!

^Left: Mine; Middle: His :)

Hey, has anyone NOT been to Bukit Timah Hill? That used to be me till yesterday! I had a great time (felt only AFTER the hike, haha) last evening with A! I am surprised by the number of families' choice of outing. Its free, fun, adventurous and best of all, healthy. All walks of life were found, from crickets, to "scientists", to photographers, to avid sportsmen. Although the even cars cant drive up slopes were tormenting, the 'are we there yet' stairs were looking threatening, I completed the walk and reached the highest point in Lion City :)

Choice of route: 4, yellow
Time taken: 1.5 hour

Route 4 (Yellow)
Approximate walking time: 2 hrs
Trail grade: Difficult

Source: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/index.php?option=com_visitorsguide&task=naturereserves&id=46&Itemid=75

I would love to go there again, minus those damn monkeys!

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