The old dusty lobby with the faulty lift buttons. Stairways led to nowhere. Several individuals querying and wondering where IS the way up (out).

Today, the way out was filled with pent up angst & frustration. The stormy blue rode over humps and at pillars to seek a solace. The last straw that broke the camel's back, my teacher taught me during my literature lesson. The 'straw' that broke into fights, tears and cries. The one that everyone should seek to avoid.

Sincere appreciation. Thank you for the effort. Words that bring smiles and joy, too.

Are those words hard to say or just simply forgotten? To its simplest form of saying grace. Are those words not heard loud enough?

I admit the latter. At times, human want more than "Thank you." Hugs, kisses and more.

Appreciation goes out to more. Favors (helping one out), gestures (helping a blind mate), efforts (controlling your temper), actions (holding the door for others), and even to life. How your life is created. BF saw a kind lady helping 2 blind men up a bus today and the men looked like brothers. BF wondered how life must have been like for them, and how their family felt when they found out they are both visually impaired.

Is it only through comparisons that one will realise his fortune? How did God decide which man to be different from the other?

Seek answers from God, the pastor replied.

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