Makes me wonder

Have you ever come across times whereby certain things at a certain times are a no-no, yet as time passes by, somehow or rather the 'no-no' became a 'yes-yes'?

For instance, in the past my 'funky' mom loves to wear earrings and necklace altogether in an outfit, and I always chided her for doing that, cause it was OTT. Today, I'm spotted with big hooped earrings, necklace, AND bangle too.

Another example is when sis was younger (1 year differs, yes), I was in poly and started to go to clubs. She was tsk tsk tsk by the side, yet today, she's fine with drinking and clubbing.

Is it true that since everyone else is doing it, it seems less wrong? The more you see something, the more you get used to it and it seems 'okay' after all? Alongside with the logic of the more practice you get, the better you will be?

Often pondered how things evolve and how mentality change no matter how bend you were before against a certain idea. It just takes time to change everything, and I believe this applies to even matters of the heart, or maybe daily life.

Once, I was down and wanted to divert my strength to somewhere more productive. Everyday I tell myself that if I want to use this arm of strength, I would want it to be applied on areas that will aid me in life and not live with regret. Day in, day out, thats wot I told myself and I totally divert my energy to elsewhere, like friends, studies, or even staying happy. Resultant was, I managed to get over things and was living life awesome.

However, at the end of the day, did I really get over things or did I merely avoid it? And that, often makes me wonder . . .

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