My 1min fame

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Recently, my dance mate, Khine, just got hitched! *throws confetti! As requested, I was her bridesmaid for that very important night and I am very honoured to be one (tho I look horrid with the overdose of make-up and afro of wired hair).

Anyhow, we've gone thru thick and thin throughout the poly years training at the dirty floors of the sports complex to using notice board glass doors as our 'mirror' reflections to a proper dance studio. We soared from Singapore to France through international championships tho we suck so very badly, but still, we are always the pioneer team that saw NRA to wot it is today. For that, I am proud of our achievement and everyone that had sweat for NRA to come true.

Now, again, Kudos to Philip Kyaw Yaw Phyo & Vanessa Khine Sabai Khin!! *muackz

Funnily, Myanmar's gate crash was after the wedding dinner and not in the wee hours of the day like the Chinese. Tat, Su and I were out-numbered in our own country!! Haha, it was like Little Myanmar at Hotel Rendezvous & phil cannot stop thanking all his guests for coming cause he was high by the end of the dinner, and we tot was kinda hilarious.

Thereafter, the after-party was at Velvet and the bride & groom actually came along! Unfortunately, Phil was too drunk to hold himself up and poor Khine had to leave shortly after.

Oh well, but it was awesome fun and I cant believe she's married now! All the best love!

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