Somehow, I shifted time back from 11 Dec 06 to 14 Mar 07 and reenacted the ceremony with the most precious people in my life - Parentals, bro & 'sis'. I got wot I envied others of, that proud moment that my family sees me march through that door, up the stage to shaking the Dean's hands. Collected a hons roll that is so dear to me and everyone else who saw me through my uni life, the ups and downs, that 2006 rollercoaster ride. Nonetheless, I am glad I had that special day and it is mine, always.

^ unconditional love

^momma cupcakes from Connie babe!

^lookin forward!

^we've graduated!


  1. Congrats ger! hop ur new job is goin on well =)

  2. Thks fly! hehe, hope ya doin gd on ya side!! I wanna seeya back in Sg soon-ish!