Lil' Miss Sunshine

To my alter ego, my only sister,
Days after days, years after years apart.
Different but the same for the year to come.
Same country, a different state.
Tomorrow it will be altered.
For it will be the end of the beginning and the start of the end.
I am so proud of you. You've grown into such a beautiful & charming lady today. Till my arrival, please patiently await for your surprise. Love you.
- To a Sista God Forgot to Give


  1. aw.... thanks love!! u're always full of creative words and phrases. i love what u said abt the "end of the begining and the begining of the end". C'est la vie! i really can't wait to see u again.

  2. speaking of which (the title of this post), do catch the movie 'lil miss sunshine'. it's oh so blardy hilarious!

  3. hehe, no worries. and yea! i watched that show on sat, its so dyfunctional! lol. love love.