Today as I put my papers away to prepare for my new semester, I chance upon the Anniversary card Koj sent me together with all the random gifts that could fit the AusPost Parcel box. I then realised I have not shared the story of how I collect the parcel from Mr Postie.

Bright and early at 830am on 14 June 06, as I was keeping my laundry from the balcony, a van drove into my driveway. It was Mr. Postie. He questioned if I was staying in Unit #, and yes I replied. So he excitedly announced of my pressie! As delighted as he was, I was all prepared to dash down but no. He came up with the most brillant idea of tossing it into my small hands.

His plan goes like this - Catch the box and if it fails, he will be there for rebounce.

So there, my lil' adventure for your pleasure.

^items include: Paris Hilton Perfum, Pokka Green Tea (x2), GNC Vit C Tablets (x 1000?), Car Fresh & a lovely card.

All came at an appropiate timing cos I was craving for green tea, was down with a flu (due to exams stress) and I needed a new smell for my "Nismo Micra".

Thanks baby.xoxo

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