Love Can Change the World.

Ok look, I really have no idea how this world works. Ok, maybe not how the world works but how humans are created and wot are they made of. Lets talk about Conscious today. Where does it stand in terms of a human? See, here I am actually only citing an example. Say you know of someone who acts in a way that you deem disapproving. Do you remain your silence, or speak of your thoughts? Should you choose the latter, do you get your karma hitting back at you? Then on the other side of the coin, you wonder how this someone has the heart or conscious to do wotever one has done. Does it mean that protecting oneself is the utmost important thing in life and forgo wotever morals, values or say, friendship one has? The one will then be the happy individual benefiting and the other? Suffer? Or should that one be a compromising party and count on your conscious and do wot the majority deems right? Is life all about compromising? Does conscious feed you? Or does money?
Then again, wot is the definition of right?


  1. naturally i feel obliged to be the first person to reply to such a thought provoking entry. well i must profess im not phd in philosophy, may i recommand sophie's world by jostein gaardner for a philosophy 101 and followed by nigel winburtons philosophy for beginners and perhaps in the midst of reading you might find some answers in them.
    keep that mind of yours sharp woman. always question. break convention, challenge tradition.

  2. only "thanks" to such people, my mind starts pondering. lemme email u instead.