Everything is about compromising. Wot happened to days of certainty? I know there isnt such. Ok, maybe a higher level of certainty. Life been revolving around sacrificing one to achieve the other and in the midst of achieving the other, the one turns out to be a disappointment and again, the cycle goes and you start compromising by sacrificing once more. I am sick of virtual xoxo. Nothing beats being physically here. Here I am talking abt company. A good old comfort of my pals and gfs back home. Jus to let whoever is reading, I miss you.

Wot happened to the unwritten promise of fun and enjoyment, freedom and excitement?

Wot happened to the whole experiencing life factor?

Wotever is happening to you? Or rather, me.

Wot has blinded out the route and foresight?

Wot had covered it in the past and only revealed only now?

Wot had urge one to act so irrationally?

Extremist. Wot has made one become such?

Yet, love surrounds with friends like the current, gfs and bf. Family like mine. Count your blessings they say. I say, count yours.

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  1. dont be lazy give nai a call.