Easter Love// Easter Comforts.

In case you're wondering ware have I been, I have by far just experienced the most memorable holiday ever. It was such a blast! However, it comes with side effects.

Right after my mid-sems, I was jet-ed over.

With a BING! & a BANG! *wham! I'm back in brisvegas, awaiting for an arrival. Arrival of my comforts.

Then, *whambam abakazam, fallen angel left with much relunctance. Next, slumber angel left me with a pack of tissues & that.

Minus any of them, I wouldnt have had so much joy. And I love them all the same, maybe more for him, of course.

- Where'd you go, I miss you so. It seems like forever that you've been gone.


  1. omg! that was fast. I jus posted it up. thanks anyway! din noe you read my blog. oh, click on title for more pix! ;)

  2. i got spy to check for new updates of my friends' blog.. if it doesn't lag la..

    just now was.. just nice la.

    artistic pictures.. just lack of more chiobus!!

  3. Picture 192... is Edward Lau inside?

  4. still not enough pretteee girls? anyway, nope thats not him. I haven seen him for ages. Not even sure ware he is currently.

  5. Anonymous09:36

    hey that's a ford minor song! i wanna go to their concert but no one's interested.. get better soon! -ya

  6. actually.. alright la. your room-mates are quite nice looking.

    that guy reminds of me him lo.

  7. ya: yea, its the fort minor song. i wanna recover fast!

    KL: does he remind of him? i dun think so tho.. hehe. how r u

  8. somehow looks like edward. but nevermind... forget it. not chiobu also. haha..

    5 more months to ORD !! i'm going to be fine soon.

  9. oh gosh, I tot you ORD already!

  10. that is when you see me smiling everyday.

  11. Kojmeister22:58

    Oh Baby... the pics were really sweet... just reminiscing the good ol' times with you when you were here on the west side... lookin' at those pictures make me crack up and smile... for i really did cherish those times... i miss you so much n i cant wait to seen you soon... gosh by golly... you take care n ill promise u a good tiime when i visit... HUgs & Kisses..