Merry Xmas!!

Sorry for the hiatus, been busier than when I am schooling. How ironic. Jus then when I was at the gym (like about time?!), I was spacing out thinkin this..

"How do you define being the best?"

Qns: Having the best competing with the best ? OR Hoping for the best? OR Hoping for the best to drop outta of the competition?

Think my lackadaisical self says the latter. Lol. Wot say you? :P

Anyhow, here's a greeting to all


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^@ MOS Grand Opening Night - Courtesy of Gloria


  1. I choose none of the above.

    True success is not about being the best, but about doing your best. Not everyone can be the best anyway, and even the very best of people will always have some faults.

    Off-topic, do take note that I've shifted my blog to Blogspot:

  2. Anonymous22:59

    Oh my word. Your hair looks supremely bright la. Haha.

    Merry Christmas, my dear. And I hope you had fun that day! (:

  3. wow! i haven been updating and i tot no one will ever check my blog. still, im amazed. hehz. thks fudge, noted! :D

    anon = gloria? hehz... meery xmass!!! :D

  4. Anonymous14:30

    yesyes, c'est moi. When on earth are u going to update?! And we need to embark on our eating journies again. quiiiick.