Fri Thru Tues

The wkend's over, and the muggin' comes along. A tad update on my stress-relief regime:
dvdnitewithrahman&grace. catchupwithbetsy,lynette&carrie. pride&prejudice@ Southbankwithruthie. coffeewithmick,james,genesis,roomies&jasmine. sundaygymworkout. churchHope:Rwanda. vietdinz&3monkeyswithjade,james, mick,genesis,roomies,jasmine&friend. earlymondaymugginlibrary. bbqnite@ Mick's.dvdBummin'. tuesBlaw. pilates.

How does it sound to u?

How about I think its abt time to start STUDYIN? Owell...

For the, as much i understand how much it takes to struggle thru this, we'll meet again. Thanks for the entry. muacks.


  1. that's a whole bucketful of things to do!

  2. and i sure did enjoyed myself! hehe