Im done!

Yea, 2 weeks of crazie assignments is finally OVER!!!

And I AM looking forward to exams, COS I'll be in Melb after that and I know Im gonna have so much FUN! Whee!

Oh wait, 1 more grp assignment and presentation to go tho. But, no worries! Im all done :D

Digressing a tad here, my neighz Jasmine was just narrating to me wot she and her team of netball girls tot of me when I was NP. Albeit mean stuff, but I was amused instead. I laughed and tot it was pretty hilarious. Hehz. I was a dao, and arrogant individual apparently, with of cos better dress sense than Mr Rahman & Jon tot I was from the Friendster pics I uploaded.

Speakin of which, when I viewed pics of myself during my sec or poly days, tho it isnt my all time best, I wasnt embarassed or any sorts. I am, once again, amused with myself. Haha, think Im queer. Wot say you?

OH for those on my msn list and wondering wots the all boycott FCUK thing abt, lemme complain. My all-time fav black long sleeved top from FCUK (something I gotten last nov) SHRUNK after a wash in that stoopid washing machine of G.E.R. That top followed me from Singapore, to Brissy and to Perth and nothing happened throughout but today it SHRUNK! It friggin SHRUNK on me. Did I mention 2 weeks ago my other 2 FCUK tees had colour run on them? And did i oso mention that the pretty all goldish clutch bag sista got for me also had its colour coming out of it after using it for a mere 5 days? Golly oh goshhhhhhhhh............... FCUK is off the chart! No fate I say. :(

Anyhow, do understand my agony and sympathise pls.

Now signing out with a good album recommendation - Ministry of Sound's Session Two.


  1. dun bluff lar. it's the kebabs n the beef pie that's making u fat in aussie... dun blame it on FCUK!

  2. yea right! the kebabs n beef pie made me grow from a 5yr old kid size to my current size 8 issit?!?! wahhahahaha...