I almost forgot the immediate function of this blog, that is, to rant. Not dat i've pent-up angst in me, but oh yea, needa whine.

I haven been disciplined enough to start on my assignmts, rush for my presentation or diligently do my readings. For example, my presentation tomorrow and I did nothing but whine abt how worried I am except sitting down and complete it. Wot am I up to?!?!? All I think of is holiday, play & shop. I ought to be smack.

Ya Li's been constantly reminding me the reason why I am here. So did my mum when I spoke to her las nite.

"In the past, you keep wanting to go over, now you keep saying you wanna go back"

Life's contradicting isnt it?

I often pondering ware my enthusiasm has disappeared to. How people can act on the work hard, play hard theory? And how they drive themselves with utmost motivation to score time after time? Someone plsssssssssssssssssss enlighten me.

On another cheery note, bro sent me my pressie from SA - a Happy House accessories drawer that is much similar to one I've got back home. Thanks Bro!!

Mumsy bought me a skirt, several necklaces, chokers, & a blue bag from their recent getaway in Changmai. And also painstakingly made me a big brown straw bag! Tho she always refuse to say it, but she expresses her love through all these lil affectionate actions. Heheheh..

E: Mummy, do you miss me?
M: Errr......
E: (Awaits)
M: aaaaaaaaaaa... a BIT lar!
E: (wahahhahahahahahaa!!! yes!!)
- Note to self: GET BACK to WORK!!!


  1. your mother always so cute la. haha. i still can't forget the dissolving vitamin C tablets advice. hhahahaha.

  2. Quote: "put into the water, stir and drink... put the tablets into COLD water, stir and drink. Put it into cold water, stir and it'll be VERY NICE to drink." Unquote.

  3. Hey chill... difficulties are part and parcel of life. I've also been having issues of my own... Been having a lack of motivation to study nowadays.

    All I've got to say is, try your best, do whatever you can, and have a little faith that everything will turn out just fine.

    Good luck! :)

  4. hey fudge, thks for your encouragement.guess sometimes, i jus get a lil all worrying abt nothing. hehe. as for u, all e best in wotever ya doin too! :D