Updates? [run out of titles]

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G.E.R Roomies! (G=grace, E=eun, R=ruth)

Jus a quick update here. School commenced yesterday & attended both tute & lecture for Biz Law. Pretty interesting stuff, like how Australia is govern - has different constitutions, 1 ferderal, state bodies, etc... Tute was cool, tho we did the dodger thgie on 'Self-Intro'. Owell, managed to make new friends friend - Solomon. One whom is back in the studying field after 8 years of travelling & work. Happen to be my buddy in Biz Law now. Poor guy. Hur hur hur..
No lessons today, but dropped by campus to settle my credit allocation. Thus in a dilemma of which courses (i.e subjs) to take this sem. Gotta ponder upon that issue.

For now, wot's cookin?

p/s: did i mention that I'm hungry everyday, every hour? this is NOT good......
now ware's that pack of Blackforest tim tams.....? whooooooops!


  1. Anonymous23:49

    Oh finally. I thought the day would never come... haha. Glad to know you're doing okay. (:

  2. Gloria: hey! my roomie knows u!!