There they went..

In case you people are wondering ware I have disappeared to, I am in Brisbane right now. And of course, doing great downunder. Also fret not, as I am back to blogging together with a new layout, love it? You bet!

Well, Ya Li & Daph darlings visited me here 12 days ago, and quickly they were gone and back in Melbourne already. As for me, I will be shifting into my new apt in 2 days time. Wheeepee! Then orientation will start on the 15th and semester begins on 25th Jul. Wish me luck!

Okay, here is a quick update of the 2 weeks I have been here.

Brisbane City.Gold Coast.Sunshine Coast.Big Pineapple.Mercury Club.Sunny Banks.3 Monkeys Cafe.Fortitude Valley(Chinatown).Surfer's Paradise.Australia Fair.Pacific Fair.Mt Cootha.Logan(Bonds).

Nothing much actually.

For pictures, pls refer to or my photobook link below.


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