Lil' Joy In Life That I Miss...

My life downunder been pretty good, cept im really sick of havin junk food. Hmmm i seriously needa do my grocery shopping again, but i've been doin that since the day i arrived! Wassup man.. Owell, havin said dat, guess u wont be surprised that im baking a frozen steak pie I bought from Woolies.

Anyhoo, las nite was such a fabulous nite as Mabel & Chilin came by on their las nite and bulked over. This apt is needing human warmth, laughter & mabbe a TV? Hur hur.. Visited South Bank once again, had the marvellous Lemoney Souffle after a nice filling meal at Vietnam De Lites.

Had an fufilling day today as well, as the day started early in UQ, in the hope of attending a church service, however apparently the venue has been changed but the webbie wasnt updated. Hence, we explored UQ instead. Visited the Great Court once again & the Arts Museum ware beautiful moulds, paintings, photographs were all exhibited in a magnificent building. Thereafter, we headed towards Riverview for the weekend mkt! Woow, woow, WOOOOWWW............... so many tents, so many things to see, so lil time. I mus go back there next wk, this time with Grace! OH, btw, got myself a pot of Gerbera Daisy for this apt! wheepeeeeee!!

Orientation begins tomorrow! Yet another new beginning! Tootles!

Note to Grace: I dreamt that u came back early and popped me a surprise! Too bad, its all only a dream..... :(

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