My Never Been Better Life Continues..

Wait, before i start, i hate it that e blog title nv appears till the next post comes up, not sure if u noticed. But sure it irritates me a tad. hee.. ok, movin on..

At the start of this week, i met up with Annemarie for a little books, dress/skirt & earring shopping, maybe not so little anymore. (I need to curb my expenditure man.. ) Had a jolly good catch up and bumped into Meiyan & Liling. Unfortunately, they were pressing for time, so was jus hi & bye. But was nice seeing them after so loong. Its always nice lar. Oh, had dinner at the Level 2 bugis village cafe, and the food suck. Really digusting. Can u imagine, i ordered the "safest" pasta ever - Aglio Olio, and wot i had was i think GARLIC PASTA or something, cos the amount of garlic was more than the amount of olive oil inside that small plate of pasta. Turn off i tell u! *turns garliky*

Tuesday was a date with Singapore & (I)pod. With a skip & a hop, I covered Clementi, City Hall & Chinatown within 5 hours and was back home before Gary picked me for my very 1st lesson on my web making. Im all hyped! Teeheee........... wheeeeeeepee! Yes, I have webbie plans coming up! *shhh..

Needless to say, Wednesday was better! Picked mumsy from work & headed to Turf City for grocery frenzy! Was stocking up & preparing for my BBQ on Sat. *yums. Thereafter, I was off to meet Myat, her sis & Sangkil. It was a International Primary school outing cos Myat & Sis are from Mynammar, Sangkil from Korea, & yours truly true blue Singaporean LAR. Realised the last time i saw Myat was 10 years ago!!! Im catching up on age... (insert: sad face). To prove that, I actually forgot to snap a pic or 2 with them!!! You see LAR, old Singaporean here. Tsk tsk.

As the days getting nearer to the wkends, my days jus get better. Hehe, yes, Thursday! Collected my prints earlier in the morning before I met up with Gary to remove my stitches and lunchie. Exchanged my Da Vinci Code to a 'Now My Advertising Works - An Advertiser's Guide to What Works and What Doesn't In Asia, cant wait to read it man. :D Then I went down to IDP to check out more on Biz Com, apparently its just a course that sounds more related to wot im gonna do in future, but the structure is very much the same with the double major im gonna do in Biz Mgt. Wot a dilemma. Anyhow, I finally met up with JASMINE!!! My colleage at CK Tangs a yr n half yrs back!! Oh, how i missed her! Yunno, I suspect she's my duplicate! So many similars, like how she lovessssssssssssss Malibu Pineapple, butterfly, X:odus, printing in 4R Matt w border, Thumper's live band, R&B musak, etc etc. OH man, ... Yali & Grace ALERT!!!!! wahahhahaaha, y din I hang out with Jas earlier ?! :P

TGIF! 13th Fri! Meetin up with a bigger & complete pri sch gang. Cant cant CANT wait!

Btw, cakes at MS's Canele are FABULOOOOOOOOOOOUS! *hmmm-mmmm!


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