How Are You?

How Are You? The frequently asked qns whenever im logged on. Hehe, and guess wots my answer?? "Never been better", I say. Instead of the kicks & whines abt my busy work, OT & dumbass boss. hehz.

Yes, envy me. But I suffered - Enough to say that.

Anyhow, on to my wkends. Friday was a sure pooper cos i was recovering from my loss of 2 'capsules' of wisdom from thursday's extraction, had to stay home & swallow in sorrows. Hur, however Sat was pure fun! Usual meet up with Gloria, shopped, Gloria left and I spent my time roaming at Far East (yes, I am most of the time alone now), off to That CD Shop for some Indian tunes (Read: I suspect Im an Indian in my prev. life, im totally addicted!!) Rewarded myself with the High Society-Mansion album together with the Pure R&B collection before I arranged dinz with bro.

Taiwan Porridge at Amoy Street, whose side dishes taste 100% better than its porridge, flea market hopping at Far East Sq. Coincidentally collided with Wong Li Lin's filming, which provided much insights on how a 3 seconds scene can take hours and plenty manpower to set everything up. Truly tedious but commemorable.

More celebrities sighting at the Metal Gate of Far East Sq with Randall Tan (!!!!!!!!! *gush*) & Melody Chen sitting at a corner watching the group of Street Jazz dancers doing their thing. The group is the trueblue multi-aged and multi-racial lot. Nice. Even had a old grandpa stealing a move or two from the dancers. He's so COOL!! (do ask me for his video ya?) Thereafter, we went to pick mumsy.

Sunday was a chill, and mama's day for me. Nothing too special tho. Wot abt yours?

- oh, did I mention how broke I am? You should guess why... :P

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