Was at Zouk on Wednesday, and it kinda suck? Gosh, cussie & I got violated!!!!! (abcgefg!!! @!#$#@%@#%$#%@) got touched on my butt and jiang got grabbed at her waist!! Arse... if only i got hold of him , i will slap, kick and shaft a stick up his asss........... darn... Nevertheless, I haven had so much fun for such a loooooong time! Mus do this again soon, with Jiang & Jas.. hehe..

oh Today, I spent a friggin' $35 repairin my retainers... sigh, dentists are out to make me broke... $185 x 2 for removin my wisdom, now this. No more next!!

Did i mention how i love bumping people when im out alone? Yes, been doing stuff a lot, coffee, shop, run errands.... and i have this theory of , 'You dun have to meet friends to go out with, cos u will always bump into one on the streets.' Teehee.. and i did today. Chris & her bf.. n we discussed abt investment plans over coffee. Man, this's life... :D

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