I've Learnt Today

To me today is quite an unique day. Why? Because I have learned something today and it is not everyday that can be so enriching.

I dined with my colleagues, colleagues who are much older that have several life years ahead of me, applies the same for their work experiences.

Despite my near 2 years of wanting to meet and talk to seniors whilst in my search of my direction, I only can say I only actually did it today. Well, its never too late and lemme summarise.

  1. To be able to fall and yet pick yourself up each time after any failure. Especially when one say that the economy is bad, this and that, should you not even more pick and work harder if you are dreading and whining about your present job at the present moment?
  2. One must have the self confidence to do anything. However, I think it defers from each and everyone's work competency tho.

  3. There is more than life than your career. Yes, its basic logic. However, my stand is Money cannot solve ALL problems, still it can buy some happiness and cure illness. Being ill, is something that is not really within one's control and in times of such, money is quite an important factor. Yet, Robert T. Kiyosaki said, having more money also means more problems. You have more money, you buy bigger house, bigger car, so doesn't your loan/debts increase?? So invest your money in assets, not liabilities. House & car is not an asset, its an liability. Unless but of course, you are generating sufficient income for the house & car and not losing income when you buy the house or car.

  4. Being focus is essential.

  5. Starting young is a start way to generate your income for future sake. Still, I need guidance on this! Ware and how to invest? Anyone..??

  6. Your starting point does determine how you end up being an individual in future.

  7. Background work for any interview is needed. Self reflection after each does good too.

  8. Dreams and real world sometimes do not come in hand in hand. The world can get quite cruel. (this I do agree)
Well, my tiny brain doesn't allow me to remember everything, but we were kinda toying around these topics. Will append when I remember.

So, given a choice, wot will you wanna be if ya given a chance to restart? How many people will NOT wanna restart their life and continue their present state? Find me those people, cause they are the ones worthy of my respect and would really wanna meet them.

- Most important Lesson: Brush up your Chinese, Eun!

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