Scenario 1
Venue: Bus 61
Attire: Tank top + long skirt

Incident: Girl boarded the bus with 2 loads of bag, and so happened to align herself in front of a 60+ old man. Old man gestured to help with her bags, but she of course refused. 2 mins later, he did it again. And again, next min, he asked. Girl rejected flatly and scurried to another spot. She stood and pondered if the old man was being helpful or just plain Hao Se?

Remark: Wot say you?

Possibility: Uproot this incident and place it in Aussieland. Change the Chinese old man into a Caucasian man.

Remark: Wot say you this time?

Scenario 2
Venue: Warehouse
Attire: Tank top, belt + jeans

Incident: Staring men & male warehouse assistant being extraordinary chatty & helpful towards girl.

Remark: Haven they seen GIRLS before?

Scenario 3
Event: Negotiation

Places visited: Massage parlors, KTV lounges, dining places.

Remark: Appropriate places for such?

-My say: MEN! Im losing faith in them.
or Am I introspecting tad too much?
p/s: reasons y i put the attire column is becos i dun think i was dressed very skimpily.


  1. Anonymous21:16

    too popular, darling, too popular. hahaha. (:

    eh! never answer my question, i asked you if you got fotos from KL!

  2. im popular!! *bleahz*

  3. Anonymous15:49

    yes lah, some people are just too popular. HAHAHAHA.

    oei! photos from KL?!

  4. relax babe, relax!! its COMINNNNNnnn....

  5. Anonymous17:52

    Oh no wonder lah. I didn't know you posted. Anyway... God bless my hair. I really hope it turns out good.