On the Flip Side

Reminiscing the excitement I had upon arriving at Hong Kong, it felt like a girl whom just received a new doll for Christmas. I was actually very hyped! Snap, snap, snap, I went from buildings to buildings, lights to lights, landscape to landscape all in the span of 45 mins whilst my ride to the hotel. I was IN HONGKONG! The land ware you eat eat eat, shop shop shop & eat eat EAT, shop shop SHOP!

Let me proudly say that I have gotten myself several items that set me prepared for my stay in aussieland. From Esprit – 1 pretty black winter jacket with detectable fur hoop (Price: SGD56), 2 off-shoulder knitted tops of one white & one brown (Price: SGD 12 each). From a random store – 1 embroidered dark denim boots (Price: SGD 20). Happiness (Price: Priceless!) Envious of my buys? Dun be, cause that is all I got for the whole 4 days. Haha, however good nuff for me!! :D

AND, I got the chance to wear my winter jacket and pretty boots during my stay there; at least I dun have to wait till June to showcase them! Whee!

How abt the EATING part? I had the taste of pigeons, yin-yang cha (tea + coffee combi, wonders why no one brought it in to Singapore), sumptuous wanton noodles (think: hot soup noodles with the freezing cold weather), smelly toufu (which was actually pretty nice smelling, haa), yu tang (fish balls dipped in delicious sauce that are absolutely FABULOUS!). Yummilicious, glorious street food stalls snacks! Yums!

Oh, how can I possibly forget abt the sightseeing’s? Well well, tho my brain cannot really capture the street names well, but I am sure I still got a few correctly stored. Shopping areas were mainly Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsim Dong, Nu Ren Jie & Mong Kok territories. As we wander off the streets, we entered a harbour which you can experience the panoramic view of Hong Kong Night Scene. Imagine the cold gentle breeze paired with your love one and the stunning view, WOW. Cuddling and enjoying the breeze on your cheeks, how delightful. Unfortunately, I was just dreaming. Hehe. Nonetheless, it was stunning. As we straddled farther, we came upon the Avenue of Stars! Yunnoe, the handprints molded on to the ground with their names on?? Ya, it was there!! Just outside Intercontinental Hotel, how lovely. So as we frolicked long the avenue, and snap snap snap, off we go! Jacky Chan, Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Maggie Cheung, you name it, they have it! Good place to have your palms placed closely to your fav idols.

There you have it, the flip side story of my trip. It aint that horrid when you just focus on the happy moments eh? Heh.

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