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For the 1st time, I am updating so quickly after my trip. Because I do not wanna think/talk abt it once I am with this post.

Day 1/9th

CM Ad & I reported for work from 830am to 11am before setting off to Changi Airport to catch the 130pm flight.

-> TSP is so stingy that we have to report to work even its just 2half hrs

-> trip was 4 days, however because we were to arrive at 5pm, we can only claim for 3half days

->despite being in the office for a mere 2half hours, the distributors still do not wanna let us off as enquiries and last minute matters cropped up. Hence both of us were still settling office matters on our way to Changi.

At the airport, we gotta get gifts for the factory staff in ShenZhen and flight was delayed. Lunch was only taken at 3pm.

->was starved as my breakie was at 930am

-> tho it is a 4 pax trip, the advanced party seemed to be the ones dealing with the odds & ends

Arrival at HKG at 6pm instead of 510pm, taxi took us to the wrong hotel and got us all hyped for nothing. Because the wrong hotel looked like One Fullerton. Finally when we got the RIGHT hotel, check in procedures were not smooth, the front desk guy said I did not booked the limousine for my guests and I actually forgot to print that email out!

->Hazard No. 1. Thank goodness for the god-sent Cindy, Assistant Sales Director who was in charge of Toshiba Sales Acct. Cindy cleared all the misunderstanding, brought us through the check in process smoothly and treat us to HKD 300 buffet each!

->thereafter we washed up and prepared to welcome our guest at 9pm, the buffet dinz we had was not a least bit peaceful as any moment our guests from Turkey would arrive and we would hatta run out to welcome them.

Guests arrived and we sent them straight to their rooms to rest. Time for CM Ad & I to R&R after this looooooong day.

Day 2/10th

Visa Application day.Was supposed to bring guests to the office for this, but thankfully the hotel concierge provides this service hence we arranged to meet our guests at 8am to do the necessary. However, both Ad & I were late and we decided to enquiry at the desk first before looking for our guests at the breakfast place. Little we know, the lady boss (R) of our guests, came looking for us at 830am with all the application forms filled.

->embarrassed we were, thinking we could help, but ended up they have already got it settled - Hazard No. 2

On the webbie, it was stated HKD 480 for one pax application, however, due to hotel being the agent, surcharge were imposed and it came up to HKD800/pax!

->again, I felt bad for such to happen and that the price was nearly 2times the original price! - Hazard No. 3

Fortunately to save all those trouble, my guests paid for the extra cost and everything went on smoothly. Till then, CM C & fellow colleague Jocelyn arrived in HKG & we met up at Mong Kok for more R&R.

At 730pm sharp, our guests collected their approved visas and we got ready for TSP welcome dinner with our guests. However then, Hazard No. 3 came up, I overlooked the point on their attire for the factory visit the following day and most of them did not bring formal attires i.e. Shirt, tie, blazar.

-> bimbotic me, thinking its a good suggestion, mentioned about a shop selling abt Sing S$6 shirts, and got rejected straight on my face by R.

->had to appease R by apologizing and felt so bad abt it despite her saying its ok and they will see wot they can do for the attire. Still, I cannot help feeling stupid.

-> knowing we will be setting off at 6am the very next day and breakie only starts at 630am, I reminded R abt this and guess wot she said? She said she already got the hotel to arrange to bring breakfast boxes to their room at 530am. - my morale super low by then.

Dinner at a nearby restaurant, and the menu were discussed with the CMs, however overlooked on the details and some pork were found in the dishes. So there, Hazard No. 4. Other than that, Ad was charming when he helped entertained the guests. Indeed years of overseas experience did him wonders. Was very thankful for his help. Oh right, R also shoot me with a series of questions regarding my spare parts, aiyo, hard to please, hard to please. More work for me tomorrow.

->CM Ad still said before dinner, nvm, 3 cock ups is a norm. :/

Had few glasses of red wine during dinner to calm myself down, however awaiting was Hazard No. 5. I left my brother cammie at the restaurant. Noticed only went 4 of us were on our way out to Tsim Sha Tshui for another round of R&R. Immediately CM C called the restaurant up to enquire. Of course, they denied their findings, and as a normal human being, I insisted of heading back to check alone wanting them to go shop and seize the few hours we have got in HKG. But they accompanied me back in the end.

->Shit happens, and its REALLY shitty. Wot worse can happen?

-> CM Ad told me CM C said it was actually redundant that I went back to check knowing its already gone. I call this, 'feng liang hua'. Thanks but no thanks for consolation as anything that was be solved by money is not a problem. WTH.

Day 3/11th

Woke at 445am, met the guests at 6am. Got the train tickets, arrived safely and punctually at ShenZhen. However, the transportation we arranged for abhorred all of us and URGH, hate how China people do things. Long arranged and specifically mentioned instructions turned into deaf ears and the van was so puny that 14 of us squeezed like crazy and 2 had to share the front seats with the driver. A total of 3 pax in front. Driver din know the way and had to stop and ask for directions only after Ad & I told him repeatedly to do so. Also, all of us nearly lost our lives when the driver did a jam brake leaving only 1 inch away from the front vehicle.

->Hazard No.6

Arrived at ShenZhen factory safe and sound and on time. Heng ar. Then, the tour begins. R being a lady boss was in the group with the factory president and chairman, she bombarded them with ruthless questions and sarcastic comments which in end the Q & A session was cancelled as the Chairman got fed up by R. OMG

-> Hazard No. 7 (the list jus goes on huh?)

R also warned the driver to drive safely before we went for our lunch, in English of cos. So the driver just smiled at her. After lunch, we were to take a train back at Lo Wu, so happened to be a counterfeit paradise, shopping was executed. There, my job was nearly done.

R&R time we went to Avenue of Stars, Harbour Waters & Hong Gui Fang.

Day 4/12th

Jocelyn & I went out early to get our last min shopping. I wanted to get Canon Ixus 40 and she wanted to get stuff from Esprit. Howver check out time was 12noon, n we were there at 11am. The sale person at the electronic stores wanted to cheat me and held my credit card on hostage when I said I wanted to purchase the cammie. While they get the goods, they took my credit card and then they started introducing many other models of cameras. And forced me to get other cammies. After a super long wait and we were rushing for time, I said I will come back later but they refused to give me back my card even if I insisted it. I was terrified but there is nothing I could do. They wanted to buy time and I got fed up and was really bend on leaving. They finally returned my card. Little I realized its actually a scam tactic used by the many shops in HKG, especially those with huge, bright neon lightings stating TAX FREE. There was even a newspaper article on this scam tactic.

->I almost got cheated. - Hazard No. 8

Due to this, we got back to the hotel at 1pm only. CM C was hopping mad at me in particular, but I had my reasons. Still I apologized. Soon after we were out again to had lunch and more last min stuff. Lunch was at e wonderful Yue Guang Shui Ye food place, had the most sumptuous wanton mee, congee, hor fun & yuan-yang cha. We din have much time left after because it took us another hour whilst scouting for this particular stall. So, naturally CM C was actually even more furious, still he did not show it out. - Hazard No. 9

Lastly, Hazard No. 10 my greatest regret for forgetting to placed the swiss knife into my check in luggage and it was confiscated. It was a gift from Yali when she was in Europe. I am sorry dear.

So there, my list of 10 Hazards. I do not know of anytime I can screw up so much. I am NOT going HKG ever again, at least for the near future.

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