Grace's been so hyped abt her new blog that she's blogging more than anyone else i know! which is good, cos she praises abt me most of the time.. LOL, shameless i noe. :) So now im all enthu abt blogging again, hoping i get as many comments as she gets! hee... anyhow, updates! Hectic work life thats ripping off my mind & energy. All those planning for my factory visit at ShenZhen with my distributors from Turkey is killiiiiiing me softly. Wishin for the best outcome! Oh, will be in HK for 4 days, anyone needs anything? Thats if we dun hatta entertain the turkish tho.

My girlies, namely Grace & Ya Li, have left me for australia that left me pretty lost for that i am left with myself alone in Singapore. I was indeed extremely affected that i took the bus, changed to a correct one and overshot my bus stop and ended taking a detour back home. Thereafter the next morning i left my mobile at home that caused a another misunderstanding with a friend of mine & took me 3 walks to and fro to get the right drinks for my colleague. Mabbe Su is right, I should STOP thinkin abt this. OH how i MISS them... always missing...

Enough of sorrows.... moving on to wkend.. fri was pretty mundane, work and OT. But got dragged out by Nai for a coffee rush after work. However glad he did, otherwise I will be still in self pity. hehe. Bumped into timothy there as well, which makes me wonder, a lot, why do i ALWAYS see him on the streets huh? Be it expo, HV, town, neighbour hood, ANYWARE! haha...Then today I ran errands since 12 and got down to Funan hoping to get a router & webcam. But due to some uncompatibility prob, we din manage to get the router but i got the creative webcam bundle tho, 2 for $189. The other for Nai! Whee... did i oso mention i got a AU calling card as well? My connectivity to my loves! :D

As for today, sunday , I am attending a japanese tea ceremony @ Liang court with my bro and japanese auntie. HEhe, cool hor? Will post up my uncle's pad and LNY pic soooooooooooooooooooooooooon okok??
- Stay i-tuned.

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