Lazy Mary

I've been so so so soooooooooo LAZY! i cant stand myself. Yes yes, my bad that I haven been bloggin. But Im so pooped dat i cant be bothered to collage my pictures, and narrate my stories! Probably because SIS IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keke... well well, so besides spending tons & loads of time with her, IM gng BKK with her as well! WHOLE 8 DAYS for us to shop, eat, spa, slack, catch up, argue, smack each other butts & basically to patch up that period that she was away. Afterwhich, off she goes to EUROPE! Note: Tan Ya Li! You're so gonna come back with a gucci/prada/LV wallet for me ya??? *grinz*

K lar, im feeling lazy again, mabbe my new yr resoloution shud be less lazy.

Till then, i'm out.

Will blog properly when i get to chance to sit infront of presario lappy ya? its a promise!

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