A(merican) I(dol) / Eventful Night

Before all my thoughts scurries away, I must narrate to you the most insightful stories of yesterday. Foremost, the AI concert! Whoaa! Lemme divide out the percentage of the crowd present. 50% caucasians, 30% families +- kids (think: your parents) , the minorities were us, the youngsters & media. I reckon those idols were thinking Singapore is a 'ang moh' country! Haha. 7 idols came & performed for us, they were Fantasia, Jasmine, Diana, Jennifer, Latoya, George, & JPL. They were awesome! Jasmine did a cover of Alicia Keys- If i aint got you, however, both Grace & me felt more for Alicia's & Candice Fu's version (for those in aussie/canada, candice's a finalist in Singapore Idol, but she backed out during the top 12 selection). As for Diana, she has such high-pitch cutesy voice, 'buay tahan'. Apart from that, she such a performer. She brought the crowd off their seats to groove along with them. Oh, word of cautious, she is adopting a hilary duff/ barbie look of late. It can get a wee bit off. Get the pic?

On the whole, their voices cannot be denied about. The strength, ability & projection of their voices are just fabuloussss!! Pity they din really sing the finale song completely- Aint no mountain high enough. Still, its a joy watchin them perform! Strangely, Jasmine was the one who caught my attention despite the rest. And Jennifer & George were pretty mellow. Hmmm*

Moving on, whilst frantically tryin to find a way home after the show, I spotted my Singapore Idol, Jeassea!!. Of which, btw, im truely distraught that Sg booted her out. Owell, we decided to take a $3 river taxi to Clifford Pier! Yes! River taxi by Crystal Cruise via kallang river. Way cool!! Unfortunately, I was with Grace, not tL. Bleahs. Hehehe (dun kill me gracie, love u too ya. hee) Anyhow, we took this opportunity to snap snap snap at the rear of the 'mini speed boat' i call it. But the pictures turned out dark and shaky. Oh, did i mention to you why we took to clifford instead of esplanade? Becos, naturally esplanade has got million of people hitching a cab right? But, NO!! Clifford's equally the same. In fact, I dare say WORST! According to mr citycab driver, the shenton people knock off between 9 to 11pm and anytime b4 that, no one takes a cab. Weird huh. Anyway, before i drifted away, i could'nt get a cab at 2250 after waiting for nearly 10mins although there were aplenty 'on-call' cabs around. Thus, i tried calling a cab as well. To my horror horror (yes, double), my mobile batt was left with one bar!!! And I had to called cab 4 times b4 i could get one!! And this mercs cab driver actually stopped while i was calling for one, but before i got in, he mumbled "No time no time" and scurried off!!Imagine my agony, wot if my mobile decides to die on me then and there? Think i will probably have to bus to somewhere and cab again. And reach home probably at 12?

No no, the story doesnt end just yet. When my cab came, the other passengers waiting in the cab queue shouted at me. Regardless, I stepped into the cab. This -my parents age- man stopped in the middle of the road to stop my cab. (!!!!) The confronted us saying there were passengers at the queue and why I got the cab! Then with a nonchalent + pissed look, the driver retaliated back, "On Call LAR!!"

Alright, I almost got punched just there, if i werent a girl last nite.

Since when Singaporeans confront?

Despite such short hours, I encountered numerous incidents.

Eventful, isnt it?

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