Such a sweetie..

Warning: This entry may come a wee bit mushy, but I don't care. Recently I realized tL been such a darling. At this moment, he's on his way down to the car to take my mp3 player because I forgot to bring it up a while again. Though I persisted, he obliged and head on down willingly. All these little things make me rekindle the courtship feeling I had eons ago. Just yesterday, he handed me a box of mooncake.
"Nah! This's for your mum."

Stunned I was, he actually got a box of mooncake for my mumsy. Cost him $23 man. Ask Grace, she witnessed my pleasantly surprised look. (then suddenly tL was back, so i had to stop blogging *blush*)

While he was gaming, (and me trying to find stuff to look for online), he paused the game and turned to me.

"So, wot do you wanna do next week? Let's do something different."

You should have seen my face

"Why?" I questioned innocently.

"I see you like very sian ma.." was his reply

I'm on cloud 9.

Alright alright, enough of lovey dovey you say. Last monday i meet up with 2 other girlies to have a post-birthday dinner. Supposed to be another gurl, Meiyan, but she's unwell. So, they are my girlies during my 1st 3 mths @JI (now known as Millenium Institution).

Angel got me an exquisite bear bracelet and Wailing & Meiyan got me a tee that says "Single In Shirt", together with a 'E' bear!!


Thankie!!!! *muackz!* ;-*


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